Experience The Secret of Patisserie Chopin...


Chopin differentiates its products with customized decorations. Unfortunately, this area of production is hard, if not impossible, to automate. As a result, the company stations a series of decorators along a conveyor line to customize each cake. Creative Occasions production system allows the company to stick to its business plan of providing the in-store bakery market with quality, customized cakes. The company ensures its cakes are perched atop the quality chain by using upscale ingredients in its cake formulas. The key to producing high-quality cakes is formulating with real butter, using real fruit or mousse fillings in every cake and creating a high-ratio cake. "The combination of these three things creates a pleasurable eating experience.” In order to always give our best we bend over backwards by : investing every year in research and development, we work hard in our sensory analysis laboratory and we strongly believe in the importance of quality control.


An infinity of excellent ingredients for the preparation of gelato , pralines, gelato on sticks, desserts, cakes, organic products, gluten free products and who knows what else will come to our mind to invent : because we are aware of the gelato makers needs and we are always working to anticipate and satisfy them.